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Meet our solutions 

Asset tracking and remote management

At Ayga, we harness the power of modern digital technologies to enhance process efficiency across a range of business verticals. Our distinctive edge lies in our proficiency in both IoT devices and software platforms. This duality allows us to craft solutions with impeccable harmony between high-tier hardware and software, ensuring seamless system integration.

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A comprehensive solution for applications where temperature monitoring is paramount.

Solução Global Track.png


A solution tailored for tracking mobile or fixed assets.

Solução AssetLink.png


A bespoke solution for monitoring parameters in the industry.

XaaS Model

At Ayga, we not only offer our IoT devices for sale and subscription-based access to our platform, but we also provide an all-encompassing XaaS model – Everything as a Service. This comprehensive approach enables clients to benefit from a fully integrated solution, including hosting services, data communication, our IoT platform, and Ayga's proprietary products, without the need for a substantial initial investment. Instead, we offer a subscription-based system with manageable monthly fees.


Connect with us to explore how we can tailor your asset management system to align perfectly with the scope of your opportunity.

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