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Introducing our IoT platform

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Our platform, dots, allows for the integration of various types of devices and communication protocols to implement a comprehensive management solution. dots can also connect to legacy systems and other IoT platforms, safeguarding your previous investments.

Broad connectivity

dots enables the connection of diverse devices and communication protocols to deliver a tailored management solution. It also connects to legacy systems and other IoT platforms, preserving your existing investments.

End-to-end solutions

When dots is used in conjunction with Ayga WACS devices, a truly integrated solution (software and hardware) is realized. Every aspect of the solution is seamlessly harmonized to match your specific requirements.


Fully based on current cloud computing technologies, our highly scalable platform facilitates the continuous evolution of its functionalities.

dots features advanced data collection and management capabilities, utilizing both current LPWAN communication protocols as well as traditional commercial and industrial protocols. This flexibility allows for its application across various sectors.


Two types of modules compose the dots architecture:

1. Functional Modules

These deliver the necessary functions for the application, executing data acquisition, storage, and processing.

2. Interfaces

These deliver information to the system users.

Complete solutions for your business



Small scale applications

Our dots Lite version is ideally suited for straightforward applications seeking a quick and efficient solution. It supports up to 10 connected devices, accommodates 1 user, and permits 1 hierarchy level, providing data storage for up to 45 days.

This version is particularly beneficial for small businesses with a few assets to monitor, such as medication refrigerators in local pharmacies and clinics, display freezers, coolers, and other environmental assets.


Included with the purchase of any WACS device, dots Lite allows you to start monitoring your asset through the dots platform immediately.

Businesses with numerous assets

Our dots Evolution version takes the capabilities of dots Lite a step further by including sophisticated user management and advanced geolocation features, among others. It's designed to handle larger applications requiring more extensive interface and cloud processing resources.


Your data stored longer

The dots Enterprise version is our most comprehensive offering and is aimed at large applications. It covers all the features of the previous versions while offering expanded data storage retention of up to 3 years, and an unlimited number of devices/users.

Ideal for businesses with a significant number of assets, dots Enterprise provides up to 10 levels of hierarchy and the option to organize data by asset or by device.


With the added benefit of alarm management, it is an excellent option for businesses operating multiple branches and system integrators servicing numerous clients.

Integration with third-party platforms

Our dots Integration version is designed specifically for businesses that require seamless integration with third-party ERPs.


This version supports an unlimited number of devices, allows up to 5 simultaneous users, and permits 2 levels of hierarchy. It provides data storage for up to 45 days.


If you're looking to achieve a 360° view of your business and its assets, dots Integration is the ideal solution for you.


Functional Modules and Interfaces


As the core of the dots platform, the Netex module handles a multitude of critical processes including:

  • Device communication

  • User profile and login management

  • Online parameterization wizard

  • Device Management

  • Device parameterization

  • Making variables available online


Our dots Actions represents a suite of features designed to forward data and alerts that have been detected and processed by the Ayga dots platform. It can forward these via:

  • Email

  • HTTP requests

  • SMS


The Location module handles all functionalities tied to the device location, including:

  • Location estimation based on data received from the device

  • Map view history view

  • Reverse Geolocation, providing the device's estimated address


Our user-friendly dots Dashboard interface allows access to all functionalities of the Ayga dots platform through both desktop and mobile web access.


Our robust REST API offers complete access to all functionalities of the Ayga dots platform and allows seamless integration with third-party platforms, systems, and devices.


The Datalog module combines storage and visualization capabilities for data generated by registered devices. Additionally, it offers functionality for alarm management.


Our dots Apps consist of specific functionalities tailored towards certain market verticals, leading to the creation of Ayga Solutions.

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