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Our devices

WACS series

(Wide Area Control and Supervision)

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The WACS Series (Wide Area Control and Supervision) is a family of IoT devices crafted for comprehensive online asset management.

These devices empower you to remotely oversee and manage machinery, cargo, vehicles, and virtually any other type of asset or commercial and industrial system. Their capabilities allow for remote management, enhancing the operational performance of your assets.

Key features:

  • Battery

    • Equipped with a long-lasting battery (up to 10 years)

    • Supports external power (beneficial when higher communication frequency is required)

  • Precise indoor and outdoor geolocation capabilities

  • High-accuracy temperature measurement

  • Vibration and motion detection capabilities

  • Relative humidity measurement

  • Wiring for connection to external sensors (resistance, voltage, current, dry contact)

  • Temperature measurement with type K thermocouple sensor (up to 1000 °C)

  • Ambient light measurement capabilities

  • Targeted ambient light measurement (with external sensor)

  • Motion detection functionality

  • I2C master functionality for sensor reading

  • Alarms, notifications and historical log



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The WACS series products offer extensive flexibility and can be adapted to a vast range of markets. The WACS Series comes with parameterization features, allowing the same device to function differently according to each application's requirements.


  • Cold food and beverage chain management

  • Temperature supervision for vaccines and pharmaceuticals

  • Package tracking (RIP)

  • Vehicle Supervision and Tracking

  • Equipment monitoring

  • Industrial and environmental variable telemetry

  • Security systems

  • Industrial Call and Emergency Systems

  • Building automation

  • Infrastructure management - Ports & Airports

  • Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas sectors

  • Agribusiness

  • Healthcare

  • Smart cities

Get the WACS Wi-Fi device with external and internal temperature sensor now and start monitoring your asset!


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