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About AYGA 

Mission and values that drive AYGA


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Our mission is to "Enable business innovation by providing cutting-edge software solutions and electronic products."


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We aspire to "Be a unique business partner, recognized as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions."


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  • People: The foundation of everything we do

  • Curiosity and Initiative: To promote continuous learning

  • Science: The underpinning of our technology

  • R&D Management: A key factor in delivering outstanding products

  • Global Vision: For competitive edge

  • Articulation and Cooperation: For rapid responses and efficiency

Our Purpose

At Ayga, we create IoT solutions and develop products that involve hardware and software embedded in a wide variety of equipment. Our deep understanding of electronics, microelectronics, and software, coupled with competent research and development management, allows us to create winning solutions.

We keep a close eye on global trends and technological resources. Advanced 3D packaging solutions combined with microelectronics enable the creation of products that were unimaginable just a few years ago.


Incorporating current digital technologies into each business vertical is a collaborative process. We jointly study the market and potential solutions for each case, using our accumulated experience to add value.
Our specialty lies in our command over both IoT devices and the software platform. This combination allows us to develop solutions that perfectly integrate high-level hardware and software, ensuring seamless system integration.


Our team is comprised of a diverse group of computer engineers, designers, and project managers.


Our technical portfolio includes more than 300 system projects, catering to sophisticated markets like electric power generation and the Oil & Gas sector.


Our experience in R&D management, highlighted by over 500 world-class innovative products developed by our team, serves as our guarantee of quality to our clients.


IoT represents a collection of technologies that greatly enhance the efficiency, control, and profitability of companies' assets and businesses. The connectivity of assets, products, and systems provided by IoT, combined with reduced costs and high reach, continually gives rise to new and innovative markets.


The intelligence embedded in equipment or devices, alongside significant data communication capacity and reduced energy consumption, spawns opportunities for innovation across diverse markets.

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