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Ultrasonic IoT Water Meter

The smart IoTA Water Meter device is a robust, remote, and intelligent alternative for controlling and measuring water supply in cities. It enables remote monitoring of distribution, individualization, and water shut-off.

Using high-precision ultrasonic technology, IoTA ensures accurate and reliable readings, eliminating losses due to under-measurement. Without moving parts like conventional meters, IoTA ensures the maintenance of accuracy throughout the product's entire lifespan.

Data is sent via ultra-low power radio, known as LPWANs (Low-power wide-area network), to the cloud platform, also developed by AYGA. This same platform is used to manage other IoT products already supplied by AYGA.

Remote reading

Historical profiling of consumption

Water temperature measurement

Leakage indications detection

Remote cut-off

Online information for WMS (Water Management Systems) and water balance

Detection of water shortage

Reverse volume measurement

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