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Continuous monitoring

RDC653 e CFR 21 part 11

ThermoSense provides comprehensive, continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity throughout the entire pharmaceutical distribution chain. This includes monitoring in warehouses at distribution centers, during transportation - which includes geographic vehicle location tracking - and at retail points such as pharmacies or clinics.

The ThermoSense IoT monitoring system guarantees regulatory compliance, boosting staff productivity by simplifying and automating the monitoring process.

Running on the cloud, our system can be accessed and managed from anywhere at any time, providing continuous data updates. It promptly sends notifications and alarms via email or text message to designated individuals if temperature and/or humidity levels deviate from the specified ranges for optimal storage and transportation. This ensures immediate action can be taken, preserving the quality and effectiveness of products at all stages.

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Features and functions


Temperature Monitoring

Temperature measurements are periodically uploaded to the IoT platform for secure storage and thorough analysis.



Platform compatibility

Each solution's dedicated applications leverage the communication, database, geolocation, and data processing capabilities of our platform. This enables the integration of Ayga devices with not only our IoT dots platform, but also third-party platforms, through API.


Humidity Monitoring

The WACS series IoT devices, equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, are dedicated to the continuous monitoring of the environmental conditions, such as humidity levels, in retail settings and pharmacy inventory spaces.



We offer various types of temperature and humidity tracking reports to identify deviations and pinpoint causes for necessary adjustments.


Low Power Wide Area Networks

LPWANs are the communication networks that have enabled large-scale, long-distance commercial use of IoT. They allow for the transmission of data via devices powered by long-life batteries (5 to 10 years).


Alert Notifications

The system can be configured to send alerts regarding the status of an asset via email, SMS, or other applications. This includes critical alarms in case of emergency situations.

Get the ThermoSense Wi-Fi solution with external and internal temperature sensor now and start monitoring your asset!

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