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Tailored Solution for Industrial Parameters Monitoring

AssetLink is your go-to solution for custom and specific applications, wherein we adjust our monitoring technologies to seamlessly fit your project requirements.

Our IoT WACS devices boast a long battery lifespan, simplifying the installation process and broadening its application to assets that lack an inherent power supply. Your data monitoring needs are fulfilled remotely via our IoT online platform, enabled by the device's lasting battery power that negates the requirement for a consistent power connection.

Solution Applications and Features in an Industrial Context

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Multiple Parameter Tracking

AssetLink transcends beyond just monitoring standard parameters like temperature, humidity, vibration, and location. It extends to tracking electrical parameters like current and voltage. More impressively, it can be customized to integrate specific sensors through I2C, serial, or 4...20mA interfaces, making it a versatile solution for diverse industrial applications.

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Remote Monitoring

Keep a virtual eye on your machinery and assets with remote monitoring through our IoT dots platform. If you prefer using your own platform, we've got you covered with our API integration capability.


Low Power Wide Area Networks

LPWANs are the communication networks that have actualized IoT for large-scale commercial usage over extensive distances. These networks facilitate data transmission using devices powered by long-life batteries (ranging 5 to 10 years).


Platform compatibility

Each solution's dedicated applications harness the communication, database, geolocation, and data processing capacities of our platform. This enables creating solutions with Ayga devices that can be integrated with not just our IoT dots platform, but also third-party platforms via API.


Alert Dispatch

You can configure the system to send alerts about the status of an asset or alarms during critical situations via emails, SMSs, or other messaging applications.

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