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The smart ultrasonic water meter

Ayga revolutionizes the water distribution market with the launch of the IoTA hydrometer

Ayga is revolutionizing the water distribution market with the presentation of its new innovative solution: the IoTA, the first water meter with high precision, intelligent and 100% national. With low-consumption IoT (Internet of Things) technology, IoTA offers accurate and remote measurement of water consumption from customers to utilities. The device has functionalities such as remote cut and reset, leak detection and sending of the daily consumption profile, which contributes significantly to the reduction of waste.

The device, called IoTA (IoT junction with "A" of water), represents a huge advance as it delivers a high level of innovation in a market where readings are done manually. Additionally, the final consumer will be able to understand their daily consumption profile and receive leak alarms in their homes, thus contributing to saving such a precious resource.


We are excited to bring IoTA to market. We believe that this device will help solve water waste problems and provide valuable data for decision making by distribution companies.

Luiz Francisco Gerbase, CEO of Ayga

The IoTA development process was marked by an intense search for innovation. Ayga's team of engineers has worked tirelessly to bring you unique features, adding even more functionality to the gauges. The objective was to create an ultrasonic smart meter that could be connected to an IoT cloud platform and optimize water management related to all actors in the supply chain.

The end result is the IoTA, a device that allows the remote reading of a myriad of important parameters, such as absolute volume, reverse volume and water temperature, among others. In addition, IP68 degree of protection, connectivity to low-consumption IoT networks, DN20 standard dimensions and management platform with the possibility of integration with other systems. It was developed and is already being produced in Brazil, which highlights the company's commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies in the country.

The product operates on a long-lasting battery, capable of operating for more than 10 years, transmitting daily information and eventually activating the shut-off valve - an almost unbelievable technological gem.

How IoT works

Utilizando tecnologia ultrassônica de alta precisão, o IoTA garante leituras precisas e confiáveis, eliminando perdas por submedição. Sem partes móveis como medidores convencionais, o IoTA garante a manutenção da precisão ao longo de todo o tempo de vida do produto.

Os dados são enviados via rádio de baixíssimo consumo, as chamadas LPWANs (Low-power wide-area network), para a plataforma na nuvem, igualmente desenvolvida pela Ayga. Essa mesma plataforma é usada para administrar outros produtos IoT já fornecidos pela Ayga.

We don't just build a water meter that transmits volume data via wireless communication, which is very common in the market. We created a device that focuses on providing a wide range of data, virtually transporting the user into the measurement and offering them a new world of possibilities and discoveries, while maintaining the product's long-lasting capability in the field.

João Berlese, Product Engineer at Ayga


Functionalities arising from innovation

Remote reading

Historical survey of the consumption profile


Detection of leak signs

remote cut


Water shortage detection

Reverse volume measurement

With IoTA, Ayga was able to develop a 100% national technology, which combines precision and reliability in its ultrasonic measurement, in addition to enabling remote cutting and leak detection. Our team has worked very hard to develop a device that meets market needs and exceeds customer expectations, and we are extremely proud of the end result.

João Ricardo Wagner de Moraes, CTO of Ayga Tecnologia


Partnership with CORSAN and META - development and testing process

The project started with visits to CORSAN (leading water concessionaire in Rio Grande do Sul) and conversations with its technical and administrative teams. During the meetings, the companies had a daring vision: to create a water meter with features never seen before. Today, the market has an innovative, efficient product available that changes the way water resources are managed.

Much more than a customer, Corsan also actively participated in the design, testing and validation of the product, helping Ayga to understand the water market and its demands.

After laboratory tests, Ayga also installed 200 units of the meter in the field, in different climatic and geographical conditions, such as cold, heat, coast and mountains. This allowed understanding how the meter behaves in real situations and ensuring product quality. Field installation was critical to ensuring the meter's reliability and its ability to measure water accurately.

In a partnership with the company Meta, a complete Water Distribution Management platform, Flowen, fully connected and integrated with smart meters will be made available in 2023.


About Ayga

Ayga Tecnologia is a leading company in the development of IoT solutions for asset monitoring and management. With its team of highly skilled engineers and its dedication to innovation, AYGA's mission is to help its customers maximize efficiency and reduce costs. IoTA is yet another worthy addition to their already impressive product lineup. Learn more about the company on the website or contact its commercial team by phone (51) 2160-7180.

(51) 2160-7180

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