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Asset tracking

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GlobalTrack provides a solution for tracking, locating, and monitoring mobile or fixed assets. Our IoT devices (WACS) stand out from conventional trackers due to their extended battery life, facilitating easy installation and enabling use on assets lacking an energy source. Moreover, our tracking functions both indoors and outdoors, unlike conventional GPS systems.

Asset tracking, combined with the monitoring of asset-specific variables, provides a comprehensive view of asset status, extending far beyond traditional tracking. The absence of power supply requirements for our device expands the spectrum of trackable assets.

The integration of LPWAN communication networks with indoor location technologies unveils fresh opportunities within the tracking market.

Solution applications and features

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Returnable Packaging

WACS devices are capable of locating packages without energy sources, further offering the capability to monitor variables like temperature and vibration.

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Hospital Equipment

The indoor location of hospital equipment is an ongoing challenge. The application of LPWAN technology combined with easy-install devices offers a now accessible solution. Devices like stretchers, respirators, and even ambulances can be located with WACS devices.


Low Power Wide Area Networks

The commercial viability of IoT on a large scale and over long distances has been realized through LPWANs, which enable data transmission over extended periods using battery-powered devices.

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Containers and Carts

Global tracking can be achieved with our devices, with the IoT device also being adaptable for direct use in the packaging of transported cargo.

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Vehicle Location

Traditional vehicle tracking for security purposes and recovering stolen vehicles typically relies on 2/3G technologies paired with GPS. However, these technologies often struggle with indoor location tracking and consume significant amounts of energy, thus requiring an external power source. GlobalTrack addresses these challenges with innovative technologies.


Platform compatible

Each solution's specialized applications exploit our platform's communication, database, geolocation, and data processing capabilities. This allows for the seamless integration of Ayga devices not only with our IoT dots platform, but also with third-party platforms, via our API.

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Mobile equipments

Equipment without a power source can be easily located using WACS devices.


Logistics Center

Within logistics centers, the positioning and history of a company's assets can be tracked and monitored. The cloud-based system enables worldwide access. The device installed on the asset can also incorporate additional sensors for monitoring temperature, vibration, or humidity.


Alert Notifications

The system can be configured to send emails, SMSs, and messages via other applications containing alerts on asset status or alarms in case of critical situations.

Curious about how GlobalTrack can revolutionize your asset management?


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