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Ayga's smart IoT water meter

The revolution in the water supply market!


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An efficient pathway to implement a comprehensive IoT system for your business.


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IoT devices designed for remote asset tracking and monitoring.

IoT Platform

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A cloud-based platform that seamlessly interconnects any IoT device.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises transformative technologies significantly enhancing efficiency, control, and profitability across various sectors, including logistics, inventory management, and smart cities. As a leader in this field, Ayga harnesses the potential of IoT, offering tailored solutions for various verticals: ThermoSense, GlobalTrack, and AssetLink.

ThermoSense provides precise temperature monitoring in the cold chain, revolutionizing industries from food to pharmaceuticals. GlobalTrack is changing the game in asset tracking, streamlining logistics, returnable packages and inventory management, while AssetLink allows for seamless integration in monitoring various parameters in industries and smart cities.

Our solutions equip devices with smart technologies, ensuring extensive data communication capabilities with minimized energy consumption. As we consistently create and cultivate innovative markets and opportunities, we contribute to a cost-effective, expansive, and digitally interconnected business environment. Ready to leverage IoT's power in your business? Get in touch via phone, email, or social media to explore our offerings.

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